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A British brand, Hyde Sails is one of the largest volume sailmakers worldwide, delivering high quality sails with a service to match. Backed up by 50 years of expertise, Hyde Sails has always placed itself at the forefront of sail technology, design and production for everything from Optimists to cruisers and ocean racing yachts.

Since the day the company was established, Hyde Sails commitment has been to deliver sails of high performance and impeccable quality with a service to match. Whether you are racing or cruising, in dinghies or in yachts, Hyde Sails have the designers, the technology and the experience to tackle any sail making challenge...

British Paralympic Sailors mission Rio!

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Hyde Sails Official Suplier for Clipper 15-16

Hyde’s experience in delivering high volume yacht sails for the charter market, as well as top-end race boats, meant the company was ideally placed to fulfil the demanding needs of the brand new matched fleet of 12, 70ft ocean racers competing in the Clipper 13-14 Race and securing the contract for the 15-16 Race... Find out more >>

"The Secret of the Extra Half Knot"

Whatever we do, most of us like to do it well. Competence inspires confidence – and when we're both confident and good at what we're doing, we have more fun. We also like to be seen to be smart rather than struggling…

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The toughest task for any sail

Hyde’s sails have been performing in the big boat arena for many years, where the company has successfully applied the expertise it is renowned for in the small boat field to produce race-winning sails of the highest quality.

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How good are your storm sails?

Used correctly and in good time, storm sails can keep you sailing safely when conditions take a turn for the worse.
Like many boat owners, you probably have a storm jib tucked away; you might even have a trysail. But the chances are you’ve never experimented with either of them. But the harsh truth is that unless you understand how they work, they’re about as much use as a rabbit’s foot.

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